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It may be a smarter, faster brain. More focus and energy. And a stronger, more resilient body.
If so, we can help.  These may be the solutions you've been seeking your whole life. NZT-48 is Real.

SuperPowder NZT-48 Drink Mix

Real NZT WebNutrients

Full Spectrum Nootropic Stacks

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Get Smarter.

Nootropic Stacks are one of the fastest, most effective ways to turn your brain on "high." Proven. Fast. Healthy.

Think Faster.

Quickly processing ideas and thoughts can dramatically improve your effectiveness. These are the formulas.

Focus Longer.

Being able to stay on-task is critical in today's hyperactive work environment. Completion is everything.

Feel Energized.

Good energy is critical to long-term performance. We give you the best mental and physiological energy possible.

Be More Creative.

Creativity takes fast ideas, lateral thinking, and the ability to assemble it all effortlessly. You want that. We do that.

Create Success.

When your mind is clear. You focus. With energy. You make better decisions. Good Decisions=Success.

What people are saying...

Theresa B.

Ritalin made me feel like a zombie. Adderall made me feel like a druggie. NooStax give me the perfect 6-8 hours of drive, focus, energy, and happiness. No crash. No performance loss. And I feel more capable with every dose. I really am gaining "a whole new mind"! - Theresa B.

SuperPowder NZT-48 Drink Mix

Real NZT-48

​This is where it all began: The world's most powerful nootropics stack. By blending custom nootropics (brain enhancing nutrients), choline donors (to increase your synaptic response), adaptogens (to improve overall health and wellness, while enhancing nootropic uptake), neuro stimulants (to enhance mental and physical energy levels), and a number of additional elements that support

your optimum mental and physical performance. NZT is used by pro athletes. Business leaders. Students. Performers of every ilk. 

It's the go-to solution for quickly repairing and enhancing the brain. And one big kick-in-the-pants when it comes to getting you closer to your superhuman potential.

NZT-48 and Noostax are amazing products. No placebo here. The difference is night and day. You feel it within the hour. And it lasts as long as you need to get sh*t done. A requirement for me... and for my clients who need to perform.

Brian D. Programmer

Encapsulating the depth and breadth of NZT was a major challenge. So rather than a duplicate, we took another approach: What benefits are you looking for? And what components will leverage a capsule-based delivery mechanism? With enough input from customers and clients we are able to create an unmatched nootropic stack.  

With the most powerful and complete nutritional balance available anywhere. You can toss your One-A-Day™, fish oil, EFA's and Vitamin D. Your B-vitamins and herbal support. It's all here. Each tube contains a balanced stack of super-clinical doses of your most essential nutrition. And powerful nootropics. Ready to go.

Full Spectrum Nootropic Stacks

Juliet E.
Hyper Creative

Creativity has never been a problem. Focus and follow-through? Big-time challenges. Where to start? What to do? What's my purpose? With NooStax w/Restoramones, I feel like I HAVE to do something. It gets me out of bed, and into the life I've wanted since my youth. Don't let age get in the way of your life or performance. There is a way to reset the clock.

Fast Acting Capsules, Sprays & Drops

One of the coolest characteristics of good nootropics is their ability to influence very specific behavior. Whether motivation and focus (like our HyperFocus DRIVE caps). Or making your world just a little happier and brighter (HappyCaps). We strive to create a custom blend that truly improves your life. 

That's something we are uniquely designed to do for you: Custom match a formula to your physiology (that's why every order requires your  completed intake medical form. That guides us in formulating your blend as close as possible to meet the needs of your body and mind).

As a creative, I've searched my whole life for that magical combination of focus AND fun. I get that with a combination of NZT drink, customized for me. And when I need it, a HyperFocus DRIVE capsule rocks my intensity.

Alejandro P. Musician