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Our mission

To dramatically enhance our client's lives by helping them progress from Sick to Superhuman.


We are a custom nutritional laboratory located in a fantastic historic building , overlooking Portland, Oregon.

Mark Effinger + Rodin

In 1992 I was fortunate to find myself in a B&B owned by a respected 68 year old MD/ND. I was under intense stress. Suffering from years of overwork. Poor sleep. Extreme fatigue.

The Good Doctor ran a series of tests. And forever changed my world for the better (results: poor absorption in my gut from years of antibiotics ingestion for acne. Low thyroid. Hypoglycemia from following a popular food-combining protocol.) Within 6 months I was performing better than ever (and I had, at one time, been a competitive tennis player, distance runner, weight trainer and bicycled 200+ miles per week.)

That weekend changed everything. Including my desire to master nutrition, supplementation, physical training, sleep hygiene and longevity. And to find and work with some of the most educated and experienced people in the health, wellness, nutrition and medical industries.

We are lucky to have an exceptional groups of employees, advisors and really smart clients.

Because we have our customers complete a Medical Intake Form before we formulate their first order. And as many Medical Feedback Forms as they need to give us insights. We now have an incredibly deep and wide database of customer use studies. Big Data analysis provides the guiding information we use to further fine-tune the products we deliver. To give you a more improved mind and body. This is truly our reason for being.

We’ll get you more info on some of the domain experts who have been helpful in our development these products. And some feedback from our clients. We also have a Feedback Form to help you share your insights with us as you progress on your journey through Smart Nutrients, ADD/ADHD, health and healing.

To your radical health,
Mark Alan Effinger
Founder & CEO

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Our initial supplement stack, NZT-48, wasn't developed to help you perform like Eddie Morra in Limitless. (But our Beta Customers let us know it made them feel like that. So the name stuck).

It was created to both help improve neurological performance for creatives and entrepreneurs. And to assist former addicts in helping restore their mental capacity, dopamine, serotonin and choline levels using proven, all-natural compounds derived from organically grown plants and their extracts.

Our belief is:
1) If you have mental clarity, you make better decisions.
2) If you have the energy to execute those decisions, you improve your rate of success.
3) This virtuous cycle repeats to build confidence and continue to improve decision-making – forever.

Six years and hundreds of thousands of happy customers later, the emails, texts and feedback forms have shown us that this formula works. Repeatedly. Reliably.

The success of custom formulating NZT also lead us to address the gamut of life's performance issues:
Mind, Body, Energy, Sex and Sleep.

Customization remains at the core of our business: Each product is personalized and custom-blended with input from each client. Then our compounding team custom-blends the powders to make drink mixes and capsules to meet those exacting customer needs.

It's tough. But there is no other way to ensure that each client gets exactly what they require to get results.

We remain dedicated to that aim. To help you move from Sick to Superhuman.

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