Organic, Bioavailable Smart Nutrients. Custom Blended. Just For You.

  • The Most Powerful, Natural Brain Body Capsule-Based Nootropic Blend
  • 5 Tubes of Capsules – Scientifically Designed NZT-48 & Support Nutrition
  • Restore Energy, Memory & Confidence. 12 hours of Energy.
  • Great for Focus & Confidence.
  • Increases Well-being and Happiness. Improves Motivation.


Would you like to realize your full potential?
Improve Focus issues?
Manage Mood and Wellbeing?
Increase Physical Performance?
NooStax™ are a custom-blend of the most powerful nootropics (brain nutrients and natural energy enhancers) available anywhere.

NooStax™ consists of 5 custom-blended “stacks” of nootropic capsules. 2 Custom Nootropic Blends, plus a Fresh Water Salmon Oil Concentrate Lemon Oil capsule, Organic Coconut Oil Vitamin D3-2000 capsule, and a high-density Vitamin B capsule. Everything you need for a 12-16 hour nootropic rush. 1-MentalReset sublingual Cap (for the beginning of the week) helps increase nootropic response to start your week with maximum clarity. Simply take the capsule stack with water. Within the hour you will realize intense focus, presence, energy and clarity.

Our clients say they experience:
* Confidence in decision-making.
* A more optimistic disposition
* Enhanced creativity
* Drive and ambition with the focus to complete projects
* Greater understanding when learning subjects
* Improves neurogenesis (the stimulation of new brain cells)
* Increases levels of Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine

More than 30 years of scientific research. Breakthroughs in natural extraction and compounding. And a team dedicated to life extension and mental physical performance.

Guaranteed performance improvements. Fast.

Be the very best possible YOU.

Get your mind and body working to your full potential.

Live life to the fullest – with NooStax™


Best for individuals seeking ultra-high mental and physical performance and improved drive. Includes sports performance, public speaking, teaching, classroom and independent study, focus issues, and depression issues. Provides very focused, extended energy and mental clarity. Users will experience extended presence. The ability to parallel process multiple creative ideas. 12-16 hours of focus.

WebNutrients NooStax™ include 2 Capsules with unique modified profiles of the following: * SuperCelastrus™-O W (custom, non-toxic nootropic distillate) * NooSpark (custom non-toxic neuro-stimulant) * Phosphatidylcholine * Acetyl-L-Tyrosine * Centrophenoxine * Alpha GPC * CDP Choline * Piperine * Anhydrous Caffeine * Vitamin E (oil) * Complete 3-6-9 EFA Capsule * High-Density, High-Bioavailability Vitamin B Capsule * Complete Coconut Oil MCT Krill Oil Capsule All from naturally-derived sources.


1) First, some insights: The Capsules are custom blended for each individual. So they are created as a “stack” – meaning each capsule is stacked with a custom blend of nootropics.

2) Take the third Nootropic Capsule between 1PM and 3PM (latest). Or first thing in the morning. That will extend the halflife of the stack and keep you running on all cylinders up through 8-10PM (or later).

3) Eat 60 minutes after dosing, if possible. The Nootropics will use the oils in the food to navigate the blood brain barrier. The fats and carbs in the food will extend the nootropic benefits.

4) Avoid taking Nootropics WITH food, unless the food is strictly carbs and oils. Proteins compete with the amino acids in the Nootropics, measurably reducing the effects.

5) Experiment! You'll find that certain types of foods, or coffee, or tea, or exercise, dramatically improve your results.

6) Movement is critical. Taking NooStax™ and then immediately sitting does not help distribute the formula in your bloodstream. So move a bit – take a short walk, or do squats in your shower – whatever it takes.

7) Coffee, tea, glucose, fruits, fats, eggs, protein shake, etc… all “re-energize” nootropics. So a meal many hours after taking NooStax™ will awaken the nootropics in your system and keep you going. Keep that in mind.

Safety Information
NooStax™ provides what we believe are the most powerful nootropic (brain performance nutrients) available. Because of that, you should experience more clarity, presence and energy than with other methods. That should not be an issue for most physiologies. If you are under a doctor's care for depression, high blood pressure or psychological or physical issues, please indicate so prior to us blending your NooStax™. Thank you.


Legal Disclaimer
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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