Organic, Bioavailable Smart Nutrients. Custom Blended. Just For You.

NooBoost – 30 Powerful Smart Nutrient Booster Caps – The Brain and Body Booster for NZT-48

  • Organic, Bioavailable Blend of Smart Nutrients for Improved Focus, Energy & Clarity.
  • 30 High-Focus Energy Capsules – Custom Formulated for You.
  • 4-8 hours of Focus, Clarity and Energy per Capsule.
  • Can improve brain fog. Provides Real-focus.
  • Can Increase Intensity. Motivation. Energy.


NooBoost booster caps provide a blend of highly refined brain performance nutrients available in a capsule. You may experience more confidence, energy, clarity, presence and empathy. When you place your order, please let us know if you are: 1) On an MAO inhibitor – and which brand 2) On antidepressants – and which brand 3) Sensitive to stimulants (caffeine, etc…) We're hopeful that this will become the best nutritional supplement experience of your life. Please give us feedback on your experience through our Feedback form.

Best for individuals seeking focus, energy, drive and mental and physical performance. Includes sports performance, public speaking, teaching, classroom and independent study, ADHD and ADD issues. Has shown to provide additional confidence, focus, energy and mental clarity. Users have shared an increased drive. 4-6 hours of focus per capsule. May take up to 3 capsules per day. NOTE: Do not take after 4PM to reduce late-night wakefulness.

WebNutrients NooBoost Blend: * Complete Vitamin B-100 blend * SuperCelastrus™ O (oil soluble nootropic) * NooSpark™ (provides stable energy) * Centrophenoxine * N-Methylpeptide * Grapeseed Extract * Forskolin * Piperine * Habanero * Methylcobalamin B-12 * Ascorbic Acid * Cayenne * Curcumin * Guarana * CDP Choline (Citicoline) * Alpha GPC * Acetyl-L-Tyrosine * Theobromine * Cholecalciferol – D3 5000iu *** All from naturally-derived, FDA-approved sources.

Take first thing in the morning, 45-60 minutes before or after breakfast. NOTE: NooBoost may reduce hunger and increase energy. They work on the adenosine, dopamine, and acetylcholine centers of the brain, providing the basis for a healthy feeling of focus, clarity and energy. This can reduce food cravings.

If using as a diet aid, we recommend you have a a high-protein or healthy fat snack before bed to maintain blood sugar levels on waking (NOTE: Do not take NooBoost after 4PM, to reduce wakefulness).

Celery with organic almond, sunflower or peanut butter makes a nice evening snack. Fish oil helps as well.

Take a maximum of 3 NooBoost Capsules per day (depending on weight/age and outside stimulant intake such as coffee – which amplifies the NooBoost effects).

Test with one capsule in the AM. You may feel a slight rush or tingling in your scalp within 30-90 minutes. Black tea or coffee will amplify the effects (opening adenosine receptors in the brain). If you want additional boost, you may take up to 3 total capsules within 24 hours.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Do not take NooBoost Caps after 4PM unless you have a low sensitivity to stimulants. Always take one hour before or after food for maximum benefit.

NOTE: Take with fish oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil or similar DHA/EFA, and a multivitamin of B-vitamin if you want to amplify and optimize the length of time you experience NooBoost. Adding a multivitamin to the mix also improves the effects. Caffeine in any form will also boost the effects.


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