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So that you know what to expect, this is a “Day in the Life” of a former Microsoft Manager who journaled about WebNutrients:

Day 1: I took a full tube first thing in the am. Mixed with water. It was a little bitter, but not bad -the citrusey flavor helped. It mixes well with water, no clumpiness. Will try with juice.

Within about 10-15 minutes I felt a huge burst of energy. Like coffee x10. I was not jittery at all. It was all of a sudden, BAM.

I then made myself breakfast and tried to stay away from protein as you suggested. I let it “percolate” and for the next hour I got a little sweaty (metabolism kicking in I guess?). Became hyper focused and started cleaning, oddly enough.

After I ate, it helped even it out so it wasn’t so much “rushing” feeling. I noticed my senses became super acute. My sense of touch was heightened about an hour after I ate which was interesting. Definitely a buzz happening.

I also noticed something which was VERY interesting. My confidence was WAY up. Like I started singing out loud and dancing in the car on the way to the gym – something I may have not done before as I'd have been a little self conscious. But it was sort of like a feeling of “I’m being me”. VERY cool.

I worked out and found it helped there. I ate and that helped bring me back to a steady state as there was an undercurrent of energy.

It's been sustained all day although I did hit a lull around 4:30 where I could have taken a quick power nap. But I’m rocking right now – not crazy like this AM, but awake and my mind is firing.

Here's one from a 12-year-old girl to her Aunt:

“Haley felt truly crisp and was spewing out things she didn’t even know she knew. She said as she left me…”my brain feels beautiful.”

Have an excellent week. Here’s to your Limitless experience!

–Mark, Kaleigh, Livve, Greg, Krisna, Dr. Kelly and our incredible herbalists, chemists and MDs/NDs.
CEO – Chief Biochemist
WebNutrients, LLC

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