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n the last 2 years, we’ve evolved from a startup with one nootropic solution, to a formulary with more than a dozen ways to improve your Mind, Body, Energy, Sex and Sleep. (Sleep: coming soon to a test tube near you).

On the way, orders have grown in size as well. Some people just know what they need and when. And they act on it.

One such awesome client is Rob Burns, founder of

Rob Burns BurnsBox does the trick. Pretty slick.
WebNutrients BurnsBox
The BurnsBox is Hella-cool. When you get a bunch, your friends will drool.

Rob knows what he wants. And how he wants it presented to him to get optimum results. And that means not having to dig through a box of tubes to “guess” at the contents. Which is totally fair.

So we’ve received our first orders of what we’ve affectionately dubbed The BurnsBox.

So now, when you order a complex blend of multi-month noots… you’ll get them organized and marked just like professionals do.

Here’s to you! (and Thanks Rob, we owe you, too).

The BurnsBox plays a vital role in organizing your Nootropics Store.
BurnsBox is On-Top.

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