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WebNutrients NZT-48 Formula

Since 2008 we have been custom formulating high performance nootropic stacks. You can find more specific info on how the blend works together here: How to Take NZT-48. Each component links to its corresponding Examine or Wikipedia description. (For details on all of our other products, see their respective product pages, or the ingredients image in their sales page).
Rest assured this stack is based on decades of research. Personal insights. And feedback from tens of thousands of clients.

In varying quantities based on individual analysis and feedback from our Customization Form:

All quantities vary by as much as 40% based on customer intake form insights.

PEA, Hordenine and Theobromine are eliminated in some blends, based on individual client response.
Clients on MAO inhibitors or SSRIs, sensitivity to stimulants, etc… receive dramatically customized blends.

NZT-48 Drink is paired with NooBoost capsules to enhance and extend the mental clarity, euphoria and mental energy. We found, after tens of thousands of customer Feedback Forms, that the combination is ideal for achieving the highest level of mental toughness. And a unique blend of both Creativity and Productivity.

We Are Constantly Refining the Formulas

As we discover new blends, or elements that add “experientially” to the blend, we work with them to improve our formula.  

Our unique blend is far from static (over the last 48 months, we’ve made more than 680 improvements to the blend – and forecast many more on the horizon).

Better living through science.

*SuperCelastrus O is our trademark, custom 80% Oil Soluble formula distilled from Celastrus Paniculatus and a novel racetam blend.

*SuperCelastrus W is our trademark, custom 90% Water Soluble racetam distillate.

*SuperCelastrus | O/W is our blend of oil+water soluble racetam distillate blend.

*SuperCelastrus | Z is our blend of super variable Celestrus Paniculatus distillate bonded to Methylcobalamin B-12.

*N-Methyl-Peptide SuperCelastus is our newest, high-bioavailable distillate. Pure performance.

**P.S. When ordered with Restoramones™ pre-hormone blend, a customized blend of 4-DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA, Pregnenolone, Methylcobalamin, Pyridoxine, Phosphatidylserine and Centrophenoxine is blended and added to your NZT in a very specific amount. The “balance” of the blend will be regulated based on your age and your sex. For men, more testosterone, for women, more estrogen – but the real edge is that your hormones increase naturally, and in balance to each other. We’ve been working with this combination since 1999, and have had exceptional results in regaining youthful performance in all areas of human physiology.

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