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Thousands of client responses. Dozens of MDs and NDs providing the insights and scientific input we need to make more, better, faster, more effective.

It was this input that helped us design SuperCelastrus™.

SuperCelastrus is a “meta-nootropic”. It’s more stable and bioavailable. With more predictable results. That was key: By increasing predictability, we could reduce the back and forth iterative nature of our customization. We could help our clients get a better, more consistent high-performance experience.

The broad spectrum of nootropic responses on individual biochemistries is an area we intend to conquer. The reason we customize each blend for each customer is to handle these variables. And so far, customer response has indicated we’re doing a much better job than off-the-shelf solutions.

SuperCelastrus™ has characteristics (and some of the chemistry) of each of the following:

Piracetam – The mother of all racetams and nootropics

Oxiracetam – Our favorite water-soluble racetam

Pramiracetam – One of the most powerful oil-soluble racetams

Aniracetam – The mellowest, highest mood-enhancing racetam (anxiolytic – anti-anxiety)

Nefiracetam – The most misunderstood, but motivating, racetam

Noopept – The most potent racetam by weight/volume

Phenylracetam – Arguably the most bioavailable racetam to date

Fasoracetam– Cognitive and attention enhancing racetam

SuperCelastrus™ is developed using a process of distillation, centrifugal isolation, recombination and micro-filtration that allows us to create a hybrid. One that carries just the characteristics we want into the final product. It’s powerful, but controlled. It dissolves in water, but bonds to oils and adjuvants in our tubes and capsules, allowing fast uptake, and unfettered passage through the blood-brain barrier. Organically distilled from Celastrus Paniculatus as our foundation.

Most of all, it’s reliable and highly bioavailable. So it does more work, longer, with better nootropic benefit (i.e. increased neurogenesis, enhanced clarity, better memory consolidation, less edginess).

We’re continuing to refine the process and formula. For the moment, we have three versions:

SuperCelastrus™ – Our master formula. 50/50 Oil and Water dispersion.

SuperCelastrus™ O+W – 80% Oil Soluble, 20% Water Soluble.

SuperCelastrus™ W+O – 70% Water Soluble, 30% Oil Soluble.

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